Perhaps the most elaborate and exciting project we have worked on so far;  what a treat it was to have a full scale orchestra in our large hall at Studio Z! Comprised of young musicians, mostly from the RNCM, and led by a fantastic young musical director, Elliot Clay, and artistic director, Thomas Attwood, to record the soundtrack for the musical ‘Almost Paradise’ by The AC Group.

Using everything the studio has to offer, including all the facilities available, the group used the hall to accommodate the orchestral ensemble with our Yamaha grand piano, a full section of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. The rhythm section- drum kit, bass and electric guitar upstairs were in our live room with a video feed so they could see and follow the conductor in the hall. The video feed meant that we could capture the natural acoustic sound of the orchestra in all it’s glory without the drum kit and guitar amps bleeding on to the ambience. A pair of AKG 414s were used as the overall stereo ambient room microphone setup at the left and right side of the conductor which sounded perfect with spot microphones on all sections to assist the mix.

With only one full day booked in they smashed through everything in perfect timing leaving a short window to record some clips of the band and a little bit of acoustic guitar which brought the manic pace of the day down to a nice relaxing end to the project. It’s always such a pleasure to have fantastic musicians in the studio and this was a really special one for us to be involved in Check out the tracks, videos and pictures and follow the links if you’re interested in the show!