'6 Hour Session' Examples Compilation

by Varied Artists

'5 Hour Session' Example Compilation

by Varied Artists

For the price of a few beers on a night out (hello Northern Quarter!) we’re offering the chance to book a band demo recording session.

We’ve designed this as a fast-paced six hour session intended to capture two tracks.

You can walk away at the end of the day with a finished EP to give to your fans or to persuade promoters to put you on their next bill!

£150  |  6 Hours  |  1 EP!

Or call 07850 416 914

How does the session work?


  • The First Hour – get in the live room, set up your gear, we’ll get the mics in place and sound check.
  • The Second Hour – Record the live instrumentals for as many tracks as you want (recommended 2/3). That’s the drums/bass/guitar/other instrument parts.
  • The Third Hour – Time for the vocalist to record their parts.
  • The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Hour – Time to mix your tracks – EQ/Compression/Effects – and basic mastering.


What do you need?


  • Your instruments!
  • To get the most out of this session you need to be well practiced and be able to nail your tracks in just a few takes.


What do we provide?


  • We can provide a Tama drum kit and guitar amp options. Check our performance gear list for specifics.
  • The Bass guitar is usually DI’d for these live sessions so it doesn’t bleed into the Drum/Guitar mics. It’s only necessary to bring a bass amp if you really want it mic’d up.
  • Every session is always a little bit different so call or email us and ask us questions or tell us what you want – we can make it happen!