Function Band Promo Video and Showreels

Does your act need an up-to-date function band promo video to attract more customers?


A quality showreel is the best way to sell your act to the public. Within just a couple of minutes you can accurately show off your sound, on stage presence and the best of your set list. A good showreel has the power to convince a prospective client to become your customer.


At Studio Z we pride ourselves on being able to help musicians achieve amazing results, on time and in budget. We won’t be the grumpy, monosyllabic engineer you’ll never have a conversation with! Instead, we make sure we’re as invested in your project as you are.

As well as providing great quality audio recordings, we’re constantly working with a lot of different video producers and we’re happy to make recommendations to you.


So if you aren’t sure how to create a quality promo video then give us a call and we can provide some advice on the different options that are available.


If you need our support, we’ll go the extra mile and help to guide you through the planning of your project, even if it’ll be months before you hit the studio.


We do this at no extra cost because we value being involved with successful projects!

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