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Sidiki Dembele – Single Track

Sidiki Dembele, all the way from West Africa, is a Manchester based musician and a true master of the traditional music of his homeland, the Ivory Coast.

During this session, Sidiki wanted to record his own composition featuring N’Goni (an African harp) and Calabash (an interesting hand percussion instrument made from the hard shell of a large fruit similar to a pumpkin) with vocal parts that feature English, French and Olof (a common language used in many West African nations). Featuring on this track on lead vocal is Laetitia Mandonnaud, an amazing French singer.

The duo layered numerous vocal parts with two N’Goni accompaniments and a driving percussion track on the Calabash. A little EQ helped the Calabash bass sound take the role of a modern kick drum – perhaps surprisingly it sounds even better than some kicks I’ve heard..! We’re really happy with the reverb and delay effects on Laetitia’s vocals, especially the cascading delays in the bridge, although it’s always easier to mix well when the musicians provide such amazing performances.

Simple yet beautiful, this was an amazing little project to work on at Studio Z and both musicians and ourselves are really happy with the finished mix. Sidiki has expressed an interest in recording the full album with us – a very exciting prospect given the beauty of this track and the exceptional musical talents involved and something to look forward to in 2016.