Record a live music video at Studio Z

There’s nothing as cool as a live studio video to release alongside your EP or single. It brings out the best in an artist and is a great way of promoting your new material. We’ve had many artists enquire about creating videos whilst booking recording time at the studio and, at both ends of the budget spectrum, they’ve walked away with some fantastic results.

We’re happy to accommodate any filming team you want to hire during our studio sessions. If you don’t have anyone specific in mind then we always recommend Matt Jeffrey who is well known for his top quality live music videos around the Manchester music scene. Check out the video of Sophro in our large hall to see an example of his work, we honestly can’t recommend him enough!

Matt’s work is truly incredible and comes at a fair price for such high quality results. However, if you have a tighter budget, or just want something simple, we can setup a single camera for a static ‘single shot’ type video, we’ll sync it with the audio you recorded with us in the studio and do some basic video edits (eg fade to/from black and a title text at the beginning or end). Have a look at ‘Jacques Sauvage’s’ solo performance for an example of what we can do.