Recording your music at Studio Z

Everything you need to make a great recording is here at Studio Z: the mics, the preamps, the software and the know-how. Having recorded many Eps and singles we know what works best in our rooms and combined with our ever growing choice of gear the results are getting better all the time!

However we’ll never just plug in and go – everything has to be perfect before hitting record.


From the beginning the process should always be focused on achieving a particular production aesthetic. This is why we offer free consultations and recording preparation guidance – pop in for a brew, a chat, a quick tour of the place and a listen to some of our stuff. We’ll help you to plan your sessions and make the best record you can.

Our pricing structure is transparent and clear. We’ve done this so you can have total control over how you spend your budget. Check out our Rates page for exact costs and then call us to get additional advice regarding the best, and cheapest, way to manage your recording project.


So far all of our clients have given great feedback and appreciated how we have always taken a creative and enthusiastic approach to working with their music (take a look at our testimonials and projects). We always try to encourage and support new ideas and experimentation. We’ve got loads of tricks up our sleeves when it comes to mixing and as versatile and creative musicians we’re happy to offer experienced compositional guidance if you’re looking for support.

The proof really is in the pudding. If you want to hear what we’re capable of then check out the audio examples we have dotted around the website. Remember to listen on some good quality headphones or speakers..!