The first band to walk through the doors of our newly renovated studio were a Manchester indie band called Cultures. We offered them an introductory rate so we could put the studio through it’s paces without a deadline to worry about. We had the luxury of being able to track the drums in our large music hall which gave that perfect rock drum kit sound and provided an opportunity to experiment with our room microphone setup.

The rest of the band was overdubbed, tracked in our live room. We’ve made it sound really lovely in there by laying down wooden flooring and installing the right kind of acoustic treatment. It’s perfect for recording guitar and bass amps. Using our baffles (room separators) and rugs it’s easy to change the rooms acoustic from a dry non reflective sound (good for vocals and bass/guitar cabs) to an ambient small room or drum booth sound with early reflections (good for acoustic guitars and percussion/drum kit).

A great deal of time was spent really polishing the mixes, buying more and more plugins and experimenting with every digital tool available to see what worked best for us and what to keep on our system going forward. Audio nerds- FabFilter ProQ is bloody lovely! This project saw the end of our iMac’s life in Studio Z… we soon realised that to do the amount of processing that was necessary we had to upgrade so said hello to a Mac tower which is running really smoothly and we upgraded to Logic X which is great to use.

Cultures did the mixes justice and had them mastered by a real expert David Tolan who mastered Johnny Marr’s latest album and has worked with the charlatans and Tori Amos.

Have a listen and tell us what you think!