When it comes to recording, every artist, band or ensemble has different hopes, aims, requirements, constraints and budgets.


And because it’s possible to record an album on a shoestring budget as well as for the price of a small private island most of our prices are usually decided after talking to our clients. This lets us plan the sessions in greater detail and set mutually agreed targets and expectations. This approach has resulted in an incredibly satisfied client base.

Below are our base rates for studio hire. Every booking always comes with an engineer and all the tools you will need. There are no hidden costs!



Solo artist, rock band, orchestral group, theatre performer, voiceover, podcast or radio advert producer. We can record and mix audio for pretty much everything.



It’s common to underestimate how much time is needed to fully mix a track. Our general recommendation is that however long a track took to record is the amount of time that should be invested into the mix.

We’ve provided some guidelines here to help new clients set some targets and balance cost vs expectations.