When it comes to recording, every artist, band or ensemble has different hopes, aims, requirements, constraints and budgets.


And because it’s possible to record an album on a shoestring budget as well as for the price of a small private island most of our prices are usually decided after talking to our clients. This lets us plan the sessions in greater detail and set mutually agreed targets and expectations. This approach has resulted in an incredibly satisfied client base.

Below are our base rates for studio hire. Every booking always comes with an engineer and all the tools you will need. There are no hidden costs!




Book the studio for a shorter period of time for any purpose (two hour minimum booking).

Half Day – 5 hours


Full Day – 10 Hours


£230 per day when three or more full days are booked.



3 Hours
£75/per track
  • This tier is recommended if the intended use is to demonstrate ‘gig readiness’ to promoters or to provide your fans a teaser before you invest in a fully produced EP/Album.
  • A balanced mix utilising broad strokes of EQ, compression, standard delays + reverb.
  • The track will give listeners an accurate impression of your music and style but it will lack the refinement that comes from additional time spent on perfecting the details.
  • There are no free tweaks with this tier.
  • Any further mix adjustments will require an additional booking.


Ten hours (plus two tweaks)
£210/per track
  • Full fader automation will create a dynamic mix with more impact as the volume rides create the natural dynamic ebb and flow of a real performance.
  • Individual instrument levels will no longer be static and each will enjoy feature time throughout the track. This constantly evolving mix dynamic will create more interest for the listener.
  • If desired, or needed, sampled kick and snare drums can be added to flesh out and refine the drum sound and character.
  • In this tier we include the opportunity to request two free tweak to your mix.
  • More in depth mix reworks will require an additional booking.


Band Demo

Six Hours
  • A very fast paced five hour studio session designed to capture a maximum of three of a bands best tracks for demo purposes.
  • Record each song live as a full band and walk away with three fully mixed tracks at the end of the day.

Rap or Sing to a Backing Track

3 Hours
  • Record your vocals over your pre-prepared backing tracks.
  • Have them mixed and leave with a finished product on the day.