Voiceovers and Voice Reels


Short projects can benefit from our special offer of:

£100 for 3 Hours!

Or check our Rates page for longer sessions.

Or call 07850 416 914

Studio Z offers a high-quality, professional Voiceover and Voice Reel service. Our live room is accoustically treated to provide dry recordings with no background noise and our choice of microphones and pre-amps can capture any voice in perfect detail. We’re then able to process your audio with professional quality EQ, Compression and other effects to help make your product stand out above everything else.

We can provide recommendations for and supply suitable royalty free audio backing tracks to suit any voiceover project whether it’s a cleaning product advert or an action movie trailer. If your project needs bespoke audio we are able to compose it from the ground up to suit your specifications. 

We’re able to provide audio recordings for any application and in any format:


  • Corporate Video – DVD / Website / YouTube
  • Website Audio
  • Audio Books
  • Tour Guide Audio 
  • Mobile Apps
  • Radio and Television Commercials
  • Actor voice reels
  • Theatre vocalist showreels


All you need to do is bring along your script and vocalist for a quick, affordable recording session.

Podcast Recording


If you’re creating a podcast that’s starting to gain in popularity then why not take your production to the next level by bringing it to the studio? We can guarantee an improvement in sonic quality that will bring your work up to the radio standard most listeners are accustomed to.

We can offer recording time for solo voices or group discussions and, if necessary, we’re able to edit the audio so your production sounds slick and professional with no ‘um’s’, ‘ahhh’s’  or quiet moments that might detract from the content and delivery.