As sound engineering is such a popular career choice these days we get an awful lot of enquiries about work experience. We would like to help as many people as possible with getting a foot in the door of the industry but please understand we are a small studio run by two freelance engineers/musicians so it’s not always possible.

The best way of approaching this is to request sporadic days. We struggle to accommodate week or two week apprenticeships as we have other commitments during our individual working weeks. Most artists book individual days spread out across a month or so, so it’s rare for us to be at the studio Monday to Friday. If we’re not there then we are teaching, providing workshops or playing music ourselves!

One way of creating an opportunity to work at Studio Z is if you have a band, or know a band, and they’re happy to book a recording session, you can be involved in the running of session and credited on the work afterwards. We offer a demo deal of £130 which can make it affordable to bring in yours or your friend’s band to get you started.

Go back to the contact page to send a message if you are still interested.