Jukebox Function Band Recording

This was a super fun function band recording project to mark the end of 2016! We were tasked with recording and mixing an entire portfolio of work that would capture the talents of a collective of musicians who perform under the umbrella of Paul Wharton's...

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Almost Paradise Orchestra Recording

Perhaps the most elaborate and exciting project we have worked on so far;  what a treat it was to have a full scale orchestra in our large hall at Studio Z! Comprised of young musicians, mostly from the RNCM, and led by a fantastic young musical director, Elliot Clay,...

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How to build your own acoustic baffles

This week we finally took some time out from actual recording sessions and assigned ourselves to the maintenance and improvement tasks that have cropped up over the summer, the priority being the creation of some proper acoustic baffles! We're so happy the results,...

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Balafon, Kora and Calabash

As a thank you to his funders, The Finzi Trust, for a scholarship he was awarded this year studio co-manager, Andy Garvey, recorded a very old traditional West African music piece from the Malinke people of Guinea and Mali: 'Nankoumandjan'. Performed on two balafons...

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Sidiki Dembele & Laetitia Mandonnaud

All the way from West Africa, Sidiki Dembele is a Manchester based musician, a true master of  the traditional music of his homeland: Ivory Coast. During this session, Sidiki wanted to record his own composition featuring N'Goni (an African harp) and Calabash (an...

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Free Recording Studio Time

Studio Z is giving away free recording studio time! A free 5 hour studio session worth £100! Up for grabs is one of our demo deal offers, a 5 hour session designed for you to walk away with 3 finished demo tracks to give to your fans and send to promoters. This is a...

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Canter Semper

  The talented vocal harmony duo Canter Semper dropped by to lay down some beautiful original compositions in Studio Z recently. They tracked live takes for a couple of numbers and walked away with two great recordings in two hours… nice work!...

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Youth Workshops

Each week Studio Z helps to run a youth workshop called Sat'dy Allsorts. The aim is to help young musicians develop and diversify their craft by continuously exposing them to new and exciting ideas. Over the last year we've composed music for film, created soundscapes...

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Stress testing the studio

The first band to walk through the doors of our newly renovated studio were a Manchester indie band called Cultures. We offered them an introductory rate so we could put the studio through it's paces without a deadline to worry about. We had the luxury of being able...

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