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The great Frederick Law Olmsted was once asked by one of the railroad companies to design a plan for Tacoma, Washington, only to have it rejected as unduly curvilinear, lacking business-friendly corner lots. Two companies set out to build the second transcontinental railroad, with thousands of workers and minimal planning. Manufacturers defend sourcing from overseas as the only way to compete with inexpensive, high-quality imports. They say that moving to cheap-labor countries like Mexico, Taiwan, and Malaysia for export back to the United States is allowing U.S. industry to regain its world standing.

Korea denies copyright protection to software, semiconductors, or foreign works. Other countries require an importer of technology to license local companies to use that same technology for modest fees. Many offer U.S. manufacturers incentives to bring their technology with them. Malaysia has stepped up its efforts to get companies to invest in research, and Ireland has been encouraging foreign businesses to boost their product development efforts there.

This week, the Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer were charged with fraud and tax related crimes by the Manhattan District Attorney as a result of a years-long investigation. In light of these new charges, Sam revisits his conversation from last fall with Andrea Bernstein, co-host of the WNYC & ProPublica podcast Trump, Inc. They talk about Trump’s business operations, debts, and how the biggest lesson from both is “we pay, he wins.” If you’re looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post!

But that would be putting an Alfred Newman score to a Bertolt Brecht screenplay. Beneath its adventurous surface, Sedgwick’s account is of hair-raising, ethics-free capitalism. A more discouraging word in American English than “infrastructure” would be hard to find. And yet it’s one not seldom but often heard; to be home on the range, we have to get from the range to home, and using “infrastructure” of some sort, whether steel rails or asphalt road, is how we do that.

As more companies go offshore, more jobs are lost and the trade deficit worsens. Growing unhappiness over these conditions can create pressure on the government to intervene and force companies to assume part of the social costs they are generating. The government might, for instance, pass legislation forcing companies to give their workers “early” notification of plant closings or to assume responsibility for the training of their laid-off workers. It cannot exploit new technologies if it has no chance to apply them. And it needs the profits from commodity production to fund R&D. A company that subcontracts its manufacturing to foreigners will soon lose the expertise to design and the ability to innovate, because it won’t get the feedback it needs.

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