How To Build Plywood Shelves In A Closet

As the founder of House Grail, David’s primary goal is to help consumers make educated decisions about DIY projects at home, in the garage, and in the garden. Next, you finish the installation by placing door guides at the feet of the door. The door guides should be placed where the door overlap. Then, you mount the hangers and tilt the door to hook the roller wheels. Mount three doors on the outer side and three on the inner side. Then set to readjust them until they are fit.

Take your time, and think at consequences before you make an action. Safety should be your first priority, so don’t take any risk. You could hire a certified professional to do the job.

If you have to install the brackets in concrete, then you have to drill holes, and then insert dowels for concrete. The storage shelves can be built in any room, but in this project we installed them in a small closet under the stairs. The floating corner shelves is really a good diy craft.

Add wood filler to any nail holes and then sand your shelves with 120 , 180 and 220-grit sandpaper. Once your shelves are smooth, wipe the surface with tack cloth to remove any lingering dust, then apply pre-stain for the most consistent stain result. Nail or glue a cleat to the first vertical support at the base. The cleat should be placed on the side of the support that you want to face inwards.Repeat for the second vertical piece. Lay the board across the brackets and screw it to them from the underside.

I think my shelves are too fat, and I got the 1×6. I had to add a 1/4 inch plywood and another inch of wood to fill the bottom. After I had finished doubling up on the horizontal 2x4s, I then attached the legs to the cloned boards in step 2. Make sure to use your level to ensure that they are straight and have even spacing between each other. If your floor has a slope to it, each leg will need to be measured and cut individually.

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