14 Unique Diy Shelving Ideas

However, if you want to build heavy-duty shelves, you must install metal brackets, which support more weight and are more resistant. You should find all these material at your local diy store at a decent price. Attach the top of the shelf using wood glue and a pin nailer.

I chose it because it was quite a bit cheaper, but I also love that it is easy to cut and the surface is incredibly smooth. For each level, use a shelf board to help you measure the exact positioning of the cleat across to the opposite vertical support panel , and mark it. Place the shelf board onto the brackets. Then, using a spirit level, hold the board across to the other mark you made earlier to check that the board will be sitting evenly. If the mark appears accurate, it’s ready, if not, make adjustments as required. The advantage of shelf standards is that they’re affordable, relatively unobtrusive, and surprisingly strong.

Few things are more useful when building shelves than a cordless drill/driver gun. Because my built-ins are so wide, I also attached a 1×2 on edge below each shelf to help carry the weight of long the shelf. For even more support, I’ll also screw through these supports and into the studs in my wall.

Ideally, a perfect garage would have a few of these small shelves and some of the large ones for an ideal organizational space. This is said to be a shelf to store paint, but you can customize this to fit any of the smaller things you need to keep track of in your home. Look no further than this elegant yet economical solution from Ana White. Built from 2x4s, the frame and shelf supports come together easily with self-tapping screws and wood glue.

This weekend, reverse the course of clutter with one of these five ideas for DIY garage shelves that will transform your space into an organizational oasis. Now hold the second standard against the wall, directly in front of a stud. Use a pencil to mark the screw-mounting holes in the second bracket onto the wall. Remove the level and screw the second standard to the wall. Repeat this technique to install any remaining standards. When done, clip the brackets into the standards and lay the shelves across the brackets.

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