Building Engineer, David H Koch Theater

Building engineers average about $37.55 an hour, which makes the building engineer annual salary $78,098. Additionally, building engineers are known to earn anywhere from $56,000 to $107,000 a year. This means that the top-earning building engineers make $51,000 more than the lowest earning ones. Essentially maintenance workers with a fancy name, building engineers need no specialized degree to do their work. They gain the know-how and experience they need carrying out the tasks on the job, which may sometimes include some cleaning and landscaping, too. The best way to learn what these positions pay near you is to use a salary aggregator website and do a search for the job title you want and city or state.

Plan and design transportation or hydraulic systems or structures, using computer-assisted design or drawing tools. Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility. Ability to comprehend and interpret instructions, short correspondence, and memos and ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from clients, co-workers, and/or supervisor. Ability to effectively present information to an internal department and/or large groups of employees.

Gather and use information from a variety of architectural and mechanical prints, technical manuals, codes, and manufactures specifications. Exhibit the interpersonal and human relations skills necessary to fulfill the expectations of the employer. To be employed in this field, the student must be able to perform moderately physically demanding tasks on a regular basis. The RTC Foundation offers scholarships to help pay the costs of attending school.

An HVAC mechanic specializes in installing and repairing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring quality and efficiency. Their responsibilities revolve around communicating with clients to identify their needs, troubleshooting, identifying the root of issues, and performing corrective measures. They may also perform regular maintenance checks to ensure that the devices are functioning efficiently and safely.

On the other side of things, building engineers receive higher paychecks in the finance industry where they earn an average of $76,990. While their salaries may differ, one common ground between building engineers and hvac mechanics are a few of the skills required in each craft. In both careers, employees bring forth skills like hvac, preventive maintenance, and emergency. It’s hard work to become a building engineer, but even the most dedicated employees consider switching careers from time to time. Whether you’re interested in a more challenging position or just looking for a fresh start, we’ve compiled extensive information on becoming a hvac mechanic, handyman, repair technician, and maintenance specialist.

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