Building Safety

Mining, quarrying, excavating, processing or stockpiling rock, sand, gravel, aggregate or clay controlled by other regulations, provided such operations do not affect the lateral support of, or significantly increase stresses in, soil on adjoining properties. No new Report need be obtained by an owner for a period of six months after the issuance of a Report on a Residential Property. However, the seller must still deliver a copy of the previously issued Report to the buyer prior to the sale or exchange of the Residential Property or prior to close of escrow.

You can check on the status of your planning application, building or trade permit, or rental application by signing up for AgencyCounter. We are here to assist in making certain that new construction and remodeled structures are structurally sound and that fire, health, life, and safety requirements are in strict adherence. City of South Gate allows home owners, contractors and general public conducting business in the City of South Gate to view and track details of various permits and cases online with a free user account. Plan Check Extension Form,can be filed to extend a permit application within 30 days of its expiration. Applicants must provide sufficient evidence that circumstances beyond their control prevented action to secure the permit within the allotted time and submit a filing fee of $356.40 in person at the Development Permit Center. Excavation for wells or tunnels or utilities which do not provide vertical or lateral support for buildings, or adversely impact the safety or stability of private or public properties.

The new appliance permits are available for licensed contractors registered in Citizen Access and apply only to occupied residential properties, not for new construction installation. Appliance permits can be applied and paid for all in one transaction online and, upon completion, are issued immediately. Online payments in Citizen Access have expanded from accepting only credit card payments to include using a Trust Account. The Building and Safety Division ensures that new and remodeled construction conforms with state law and city ordinances that relate to structural, fire, health, and life safety requirements.

The flowchart below will help you estimate the timeline for construction projects that are submitted by email by adding up the processing times for each step of the process. The Building & Safety Department oversees all building and construction within the City, including issuing building permits, plan check, inspections and providing assistance to citizens. It is our mission to provide quality services to protect life, health, property, and public welfare through an effective administration and regulation of the building codes. The City of Rochester Community Development Department is happy to announce new appliance permits and changes to the permitting process. In support of the vision to become America’s most innovative development services team, the City of Rochester has implemented service enhancements to the building and trade permitting processes revolving around the use of the Citizen Access online system.

Processing times for plan submittal intake up through inspection request for construction projects will vary depending on the project type, size, and complexity. On average, the overall processing times may take 2 to 4 months for most construction projects that are submitted by email. For faster processing time, certain minor construction projects that meet the requirement of Information Bulletin IB-002 Over-the-Counter Plan Check Service can be processed and reviewed in person at our public counter on the same day of the appointment.

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